YB6 Prefabricated Box Substation

YB6 Prefabricated Box Substati

YB6 series substation is american type combined substation with function of high...

YBF-35 special box-type substation for photovoltaic wind power station

YBF-35 special box-type substa

YBF-35 series box-type substation for photovoltaic wind power station is a speci...

YBW-12 Outdoor European prefabricated substation

YBW-12 Outdoor European prefab

Box type substation is a compact complete set of distribution equipment that com...

HXGN Box-type fixed ring network switchgear

HXGN Box-type fixed ring netwo

HXGN□-12 box-type fixed metal-enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as ri...

GTXGN-12 High voltage solid insulation ring network cabinet

GTXGN-12 High voltage solid in

GTXGN-12 series solid insulated ring network cabinet is a fully insulated, fully...

SRM  High Pressure Inflatable Ring Main Unit SF6 inflatable ring network cabinet

SRM High Pressure Inflatable

SRM-12 gas filled sulfur hexafluoride metal enclosed full insulation ring networ...

XGN2 Indoor box-type fixed metal enclosed switchgear

XGN2 Indoor box-type fixed met

XGN2-12 box-type fixed metal-enclosed switchgear (referred to as switchgear) is ...

KYN28 6KV 12KV distribution box

KYN28 6KV 12KV distribution bo

KYN28A-12 armored mobile metal-enclosed switchgear is suitable for 3.6-12kV thre...

KYN28 24KV Armoured removable AC enclosed switchgear

KYN28 24KV Armoured removable

KYN28A-24 (z) series armored removable AC metal switchgear is a power distributi...

KYN61 armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear

KYN61 armored removable AC met

KYN61-40.5(Z) armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear) is a complete set ...

Outdoor three-phase high voltage line feed automatic voltage regulator

Outdoor three-phase high volta

The SVR line automatic voltage regulator is a device that ensures the stability ...

Three-phase oil-immersed self-cooling induction voltage regulator

Three-phase oil-immersed self-

The induction voltage regulator can adjust the output voltage steplessly, smooth...

Three-phase tunnel special booster dry-type transformer

Three-phase tunnel special boo

Tunnel construction step-up transformer (100KVA-2000KVA) This product can solve ...

S11 oil immersed power transformer

S11 oil immersed power transfo

The performances of model S11-M series full-sealed oil-immersed distribution tr...

SCB three-phase dry-type transformer

SCB three-phase dry-type trans

SCB series cast resin dry-type transformer applies resin insulated encap-sulated...

Single Phase Distribution Transformer

Single Phase Distribution Tran

Single-phase transformers are widely used as distribution transformers in wester...


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