S11-M Oil Immersed Power Transformer

S11-M Oil Immersed Power Trans

The performances of model S11-M series full-sealed oil-immersed distribution tr...

SCB Three-Phase Dry-Type Transformer

SCB Three-Phase Dry-Type Trans

SCB series cast resin dry-type transformer applies resin insulated encap-sulated...

D9/11 Single Phase Distribution Transformer

D9/11 Single Phase Distributio

Single-phase transformers are widely used as distribution transformers in wester...

S(F)S(Z) Series Intelligent Three-Phase Ultra-High Voltage Oil Immersed On Load Voltage Regulating Power Transformer

S(F)S(Z) Series Intelligent Th

220/330/500kV transformers are high voltage oil-immersed transformers with a hea...

S11/S13-MRD Preinstalled Type Intelligent Three-Phase Buried Type Power Transformer

S11/S13-MRD Preinstalled Type

The buried transformer is a kind of transformer that combines the transformer an...

SF(Z)11 Series Three Phase Air-Cooled On Load (Non Excitation) Oil Immersed Voltage Regulating Power Transformer

SF(Z)11 Series Three Phase Air

This series of products are power equipment with low loss, low noise, low partia...

S13-M.RL Three Phase Fully Sealed Stereoscopic Winding Iron Core Oil Immersible Power Transformer

S13-M.RL Three Phase Fully Sea

S11/S13—M. RL series 10kV grade solid core transformer is a newly developed prod...

SFSZ11 Series Three Phase Air-Cooled Three Winding Oil Immersed On Load Voltage Regulating Power Transformer

SFSZ11 Series Three Phase Air-

110kV three-phase oil immersed cut voltage regulating power transformer has adop...

S(F)Z Series Three Phase On Load Voltage Regulating Oil Immersed Power Transformer

S(F)Z Series Three Phase On Lo

The transformer can transform the grid voltage into the voltage required by the ...

KS11/KS13 Three Phase Oil Immersed Power Transformer For Mine Tunnel

KS11/KS13 Three Phase Oil Imme

This product is applicable to oil immersed mining power transformer with capacit...

SH15 Series Three Phase Amorphous Alloy Fully Sealed Oil Immersed Power Transformer

SH15 Series Three Phase Amorph

SH15 series amorphous alloy full-sealed transformer is an epoch-making and trans...

KBSG 6-10KV 50-4000KVA Dry-Type Explosion-Proof Transformer For Mine Tunnel

KBSG 6-10KV 50-4000KVA Dry-Typ

KBSG series mining dry type transformer is a kind of electricity supplying and d...

KSG Flame-Proof Dry-Type Mine Transformer

KSG Flame-Proof Dry-Type Mine

KSG type mine explosion-proof dry-type transformer (hereinafter referred to as t...

YBM22-12/0.4 Outdoor Prefabricated Substation

YBM22-12/0.4 Outdoor Prefabric

Rated voltage: HV equipment 7.2KV and 12KV, LV equipment 0.4 KV. Rated curre...

YB27-12/0.4 Outdoor Prefabricated Substation

YB27-12/0.4 Outdoor Prefabrica

Rating: Rated voltage : HV equipment10KV and 12KV, LV equipment 0.4 KV. Rated cu...

KYN28A-12(Z)(GZS1) Metalclad AC Enclosed Switchgear

KYN28A-12(Z)(GZS1) Metalclad A

Ratings: system voltage 3.6kV, 7.2KV, 12KV, rated current up to 4000A, AC three ...


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